Power Down

The Internet is a desert at 2:30 am. It’s dark. It feels weird. It’s desolate. Pretty sure a tumbleweed just rolled by.

You go to Twitter and the only ones tweeting are the people from a different timezone where it isn’t this late (early?). And you’re left to assume that the ones in your own timezone are out doing something with their lives or sleeping, which you should be doing but you don’t because whYYy do you fight it?

You go to facebook, good God you go to facebook, and it’s all people you went to high school with sharing **Just Cause I Talk Slow Don’t Mean I’m Stupid**’s photo of a Marilyn Monroe quote paired with a ‘girl stares off into the distance while her hair blows freely in the wind’ stock photo.

You go to tumblr and you’re like yes these are my people what is uppppp. And all of a sudden you’re on the Cillian Murphy tag and you’re staring into Cillian Murphy’s pretty/creepy/sharp blue eyes and asking yourself why Red Eye isn’t a movie that anyone talks about ever and who the hell is Cillian Murphy, really? Does he even exist? What is time? What is space?

You repeat this process so many times and there’s never anything new but you keep doing it anyway. Why don’t you just close your eyes? Why don’t you just read a book? Why don’t you just write something?

Your eyes are tired. Your body’s tired. Your brain is probably tired but you overstimulate it with this useless shit all the time.

I would say go to bed, but you’re already in your bed.

Step away from the social media. Step away, already. There is nothing for you there. It’s too late to make sense of anything. It’s too late to wonder what that status update means. It’s too late to come up with a clever tweet. It’s too late to reblog that gif from 30 Rock.

All of that…stuff will be there in the morning when you don’t feel so bored/restless. All of that stuff will always be there. All of that stuff you don’t even need, no matter the time of day.

Know what you do need? Sleep.

So power down.


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