I have two years to do something bizarre?

You know the movie Singles? You know the part where Bridget Fonda’s character Janet is talking about how she’s 23 and she thought that she would have done whole lot more with her life by that time? When she was little she thought this.

“Remember how old 23 seemed when you were little? I thought people would be traveling in air locks and I’d have five kids. Here I am… Things are… They’re basically the same. I think time’s running out to do something bizarre. Somewhere around 25 bizarre becomes immature.”

Big sigh.

Side note: I love the word bizarre. Don’t you just love that word? I love that word. How bizarre.

I just turned 23 a couple of weeks ago, but I don’t really feel like there were things I “should have” done by now. There are things that wanted to have done by now, but not really had the means or motivation to do, I guess. I tend to get in my own way when it comes to certain things, but whatever. This post isn’t about me having a quarterlife crisis. Nobody wants to read that shit. I don’t even want to write that shit.

This post is about me saying that I think the above quote is totally bogus, dude. You wanna do something bizarre when you’re 25? Cool. When you’re 80? Even cooler. Plus, something bizarre to you might not even be something bizarre to me. Bizarre to me is selling all of my belongings so I can go live with the indigenous people of New Zealand or something. Bizarre to you might be dyeing your hair platinum blonde. It’s all relative. (Am I using that phrase correctly? I’ve always wanted to say that and I feel like this is my chance and I’m running with it I don’t even care it’s whatever. I’ve also kind of always wanted to dye my hair platinum blonde but I’m like “No Hillary, I swear you won’t look like Gwen Stefani if you do that” and are you still here you guys? Hello?)

I do get what she means, though. When you’re a kid you think that 23 is so old. My nine year old cousin asked me when I was getting married and I said, “Whenever I find someone to marry. When are you getting married?” And she goes, “I’m getting married when I’m 25!” And I said, “Well I have a couple of years left then!” And she goes, “But that’s how long you have to date someone!” ……….Ugh. Glad she knows what she wants. More power to her.  

Anyway, yeah. Singles is a great movie and you should watch it, especially if you like Cameron Crowe and/or are obsessed with 90s grunge-era Chris Cornell’s hair and/or want to see Eddie Vedder act and/or just like movies.



2 thoughts on “I have two years to do something bizarre?

  1. Okay
    1. I’m going to go watch that movie now
    2. I agree with you about doing something bizarre. It’s ALWAYS the right time.

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