How to Put Your Face On

I wrote a post a couple of months ago on how to get a man of your very own, but I realized that I left out a very key step in the process. Beautification. You can’t get a dude if you don’t cover up your real face and turn yourself into a pouty-lipped, doe-eyed vixen. Do not, I repeat, do not let him see your bare face. I know it’s unfair. I don’t make the rules, I just follow them. Don’t shoot the messenger.

But Hillary, my leader, my guide,  how ever do I do this? What is make-up? Maybe it’s Maybelline? What is beauty? 

Don’t worry, I’ll show you how disguise your real features and make yourself look the way the opposite sex has deemed attractive. It’ll be fun! You’re a blank canvas right now! Hope you’re ready to become a sexual object!

1. Pull your hair up and out of your face. Things are about to get messy and your hair is not joining the party just yet. (I’m not pinning my bangs back because I don’t want to. My forehead hasn’t seen the light of day since 2003 and it’s sure as hell not ready to now)

2. Base. Foundation. Powder. Whatever. 

Mineral foundation is, like, all the rage now and that’s what I have. It’s important to get as much powder on the brush as you can. Pile that shit on, okay? If you’re not coughing during this step, then you’re doing it all wrong. You’ll know you have enough on when you start to resemble a wax figure of yourself. (If you’re a freckle-face like me, you know that there is no covering those little suckers up. I can’t complain, though. They are so condensed at this point that I actually look kind of tan)

3. Eyeshadow.

I have this weird unhealthy obsession with my smokey eye kit. It’s not like it’s that great, really. I just paid way too much money for it, so I wear it a lot because I like feeling guilt-ridden and spoiled. Anyway, I’m using black eyeshadow because the eyes are the windows of the soul and my soul is very dark. Feel free to use whatever color you want. Maybe your soul is green or purple or navy. I don’t know your life.

 Don’t worry about making it perfect. Just toss it on there. If you look like you’ve been punched in the eye then you’ve nailed it. Next you should blend with a shimmery color. Blending is everything. BLEND.

4. Eyeliner.

Stick this pointy object near your eye with surgical-like precision. I never said this wouldn’t be dangerous. It’s time to buck up and make Cleopatra proud.

5. Mascara.

This is a magical wand that you use to put black goo on your eyelashes to make them long and clumpy. It’s my favorite beauty product by far. Make sure you use the waterproof kind. Why? Because you’re probably going to be crying later when he doesn’t call or text or send you a postcard and we can’t have you looking like there is an oil spill on your face.

6. Eyelash curler.

Use this medieval torture device to ensure maximum eyelash curliness. All the magazines will tell you to do this before applying mascara, but I like to live on the edge. Will my eyelashes get stuck inside? Who knows! No fear! Get wild!

7. Fake eyelashes.

Don’t you dare skip this step. Guys love that porn star meets Harajuku girl look. Make sure you look up at him like, “Who me? Giggle giggle giggle!”

It takes quite a bit of skill to put these on. Don’t fret. As long as they’re in the general vicinity of your eyes it’s okay. He’ll be so busy looking at your chest he won’t notice.

8. Lip gloss.

Choose something in a sparkly pinkish color. And you better lay it on thick, woman. Too much is never enough. Your lips should be so sticky that you can barely open your mouth. Men get very distracted by shiny objects. Plus, he’s not listening to anything you say anyway. Basically, you want him to look at your mouth and be like ooooh her mouth is so glossy and beautiful, I hope she lets me put my penis in there later.

Not sure if you have enough? Take your hair down and shake it back and forth in front of your face. Did some stick to your lips? YOU’RE GOLDEN.

9. Hair.

Think volume. Tease the shit out of your hair. Not Texas-teased, but pretty damn teased, alright? Tease. it. up.

Then, grab the hairspray and go to town.

I mean it.There needs to be so much hairspray in your hair that you fear for your life near an open flame. Just hope that your dinner isn’t candlelit. Like I said before, I never said beauty wasn’t dangerous.

And Voila! 

Complete your new look with a dress you can’t breathe in, shoes you can’t walk in, and then drown yourself in that perfume you got on sale at Bath & Body Works. If you feel comfortable, then you should change outfits immediately. If you can’t give him directions to your house by telling him to follow your scent, then spritz spritz spritz. Beauty is pain, girls. Nobody said this would be easy.


16 thoughts on “How to Put Your Face On

  1. Haha this is so funny. Some of that new Maxfactor flipstick would go great with this look… two shades of shimmering pornstar gloss blended into one unique pile of crap guaranteed to end up all over a guy’s penis later.

    • Not sure if I’m ambitious enough to do a youtube tutorial haha. I guess you could call my haircut an angled bob…it was much shorter, but I’m in the process of growing it out!

      • I think many followers would appreciate if you would be ambitous enough to do a tutorial! 🙂 growing it out – why? I thought wow this hairstyle looks great when I saw the pictures above. I’m sure the angle looks really fashionable! :o)

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