Stuff I Think About

I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to go to Greece. While I’m there I will meet a young fisherman and then draw a portrait of him and we will fall madly in love but our families hate each other. I need to do this because I’m just really unsure of who I am and I need to go find myself. Oh wait, that’s one of the plot lines of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Also, my drawing skills are amateur at best.

I should really start finishing the things I start. I am the worst at this. I have…hold on let me count…FIFTEEN unfinished blog posts. I don’t even want to know how many other non-blog related  things I’ve started writing that I’ve just never finished. I get bored with things easily and have a tendency to want to start fresh all the time. See also: commitment issues.

I need to stop comparing myself to others. What I mean by this is I’ve got to accept that I am unemployed and facing the very real chance of having to move back home to the outer edge of civilization, despite the fact that there are other people my age who have their shit together. We can’t all have our shit together. Some of us don’t have a fucking clue and that’s alright.

Remember when I was one of three white girls on a ghetto cheerleading squad? The other night, I randomly started doing this step we used to do that went along to Clipse’s Grindin. Yes, I used to cheer in high school. I’ll give you a moment to process this information.

What ever happened to Clipse? (Listens to Clipse while finishing this post)

Sometimes I feel like an Angela Chase in a world full of Jordan Catalanos. Remember that episode of My So-Called Life where Angela thought that Jordan’s song “Red” was about her, but it turned out to be about his car? Well, that’s never happened to me, but it could happen to me. Hypothetically. I’d kind of actually like for that to happen to me. Hypothetically. But not really because that would suck.

I’m so broke. Should I, like, sell some plasma or something? I once jokingly told my mom I was going to do this and she started gagging.

Is a phone screening the same thing as a phone interview? Because I have a phone screening tomorrow and that makes it sound like they’re going to sit me down in the proverbial interrogation room and ask me why I was a month late on my car inspection once.

Ryan Gosling’s neck tattooI know it isn’t real, but why.

Am I hungry or am I thirsty? I read once that the brain sometimes confuses the thirst signal for the hunger signal and ever since I’ve been having this internal battle. Throw boredom into the equation and I am just such a mess, you guys.

Do I really like Ernest Hemingway or do I just like the idea of liking Ernest Hemingway? From what I understand the guy was kind of an asshole. I’ve always liked his writing, but I despise his female characters. In Hemingway’s world, there are two types of women: bitchy and fickle or vapid and boring. Whatever.

Michael Fassbender. Hillary Fassbender. Hillary Scales Fassbender.


8 thoughts on “Stuff I Think About

  1. Bahahahaha about Clipse and your cheerleading squad.. I can’t even imagine, please tell me your parents filmed you and you’re willing to put it online.

    Also, I feel the same way about Hemingway. It kind of gives me anxiety, like, do I really like these people or do I like them because it’s cool to like them? AM I A POSER?? But yeah, I do like his writing too.

    • Not sure if there is video proof, but don’t you worry. I can always do a live demonstration.

      Yes! I feel like such a poser sometimes. And also maybe a little pretentious?

  2. P.S. Not to be creepy, but please move in with me instead of moving home. I am searching for a roomie in the Winston Salem/Greensboro area and they all have kids or live in crackhouses and I need someone to watch the Kardashians with and you can at least mask your employment search with the excuse that you moved to a “really good area for cheap secondary education, so really I can just go to grad school if all else fails.”

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