Girls Night Out

Hey! Everybody just come over to my place and we can get ready together! So fun! Wait til you see this new dress I got at Forever 21! It makes my ass look A-MA-ZING! Get over here, bitches. It’s go time.

Let’s all pile into my bathroom! Of course my mirror is big enough! Please do a smokey eye, you never do a smokey eye! Do the smokey eye. Hey, can I use your eyeliner? You’re doing the smokey eye right? Here, let me help you. I have a smokey eye kit that I paid 30 bucks for at Benefit. Totally worth it, though. I use that shit all the time. I love a smokey eye. Should I start drinking now? What time are we leaving? How are we getting there? Who’s driving? What are you wearing? I’m just gonna go ahead and take a shot. Hey, can I borrow one of your necklaces? Is this skirt too short? Be honest. Where are we going? Hey, wanna take a shot with me? Good god it’s hot in here! I’m gonna crack a window. Who’s driving? I’m going to hate myself for wearing these shoes. When are we leaving? PICTURE TIME. What kind of face are we making? Are we just smiling? Guys, what face are we making?

Time to leave! Thank you so much for driving gurrrl. I love you. Everyone shut up! She’s trying to drive! Hehehehehehehehe SO CALL ME MAYBE. Where are we going? Thanks so much for driving. I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH. It’s soooo hot in here! Can I roll the window down? Where are we going?

We’re here! My feet hurt already. I don’t know if we should go here, you guys. It looks kind of lame. Lets walk way down there to that place to see if it’s better! SO CALL ME MAYBE. That song is so catchy. This place has a band right? We’re here! Let’s just go inside and see what it’s like. If we hate it we can always walk back to that other place. Should I get a beer here? How long are we going to be here? I really shouldn’t have worn these shoes. I like it here. Do you guys like it here? LET’S TAKE SOME PICTURES. I love you girls so much. We should do this more often it’s so much fun I love you girls so much. I need to pee. Do you need to pee? Let’s go pee. Should I text him? No, I shouldn’t. Ah screw it, I’m texting him. I AM IN CONTROL OF MY DESTINY. Should I get another beer? How much longer are we gonna be here? But wait, what should I text him? Help meeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Time to go home! Where did we park? Tonight was so fun! I CAN’T STAND THESE SHOES ANYMORE I’M TAKING THEM OFF. If I step on glass will you save me and then drive me to the hospital? Thank you so much for driving. You’re awesome and I love you. Is that Call Me Maybe? TURN IT UP. Be quiet! She’s trying to drive!

Home sweet home! I’m going to turn on every single one of my lights and then throw my clothes all over the place. I’m going to forget to turn my lights off and just fall into my bed face-first.

Good morning! Good day alive I am so thirsty. Why are all of my lights on?



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