Dear Current Self,


 Although you look really happy here and seem as if you’re waving to yourself or giving yourself a high five, I’m actually a little peeved with you.

GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, okay? You’re going to be out of a job at the end of the week. So how do you prepare for this? You go to the mall. You go to the mall and you go in Victoria’s Secret. You go in Victoria’s Secret and you spend THIRTY DOLLARS on three pairs of underwear. Nooooo, you can’t go for the ones that are 5 for 25. I know those were super plain and the ones you got were super pretty and you like pretty things, but practice some self-restraint woman! I think you should return them. I know you won’t, but I think you should. (They are really pretty, though……okay, you can keep them).

Next, we all make mistakes (see previous paragraph), so don’t be afraid to ask for help sometimes. I know you are fiercely independent and a little bit of your self dies each time you ask for help, but it’s alright to be a little vulnerable sometimes. “Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves,” says your favorite book (Wuthering Heights). And it’s true! So keep that in mind, will ya?

Finally, quit getting in your own way when it comes to doing things you want to do. You’re a dreamer, which is great! Why not makes those dreams a reality? Stop living inside your head, and live in the outside world where stuff actually happens. Look what you could be missing out on. Life? Love? The lack therof? EVERYTHING. Stop thinking so much and just do something….please?

Oh, and you know that cool thing you found where you can go live in France for three weeks (practically for free)? Find a way.

Sorry for all the tough love,



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