What I Said During the Super Bowl

First, I need to say that I didn’t start watching until the end of the second quarter. Also, I know very little about football. Also, I had an entire bottle of wine during the game.

“That guy’s voice annoys me.”

“Tom Brady isn’t even that good looking.”

“Madonna’s dancers are cooler than she is.”

“Look it’s LMF-whatever.”

“Nickiiii Whatsssupppp.”


“I’m falling into the abysss.”

“Sparkly choir robes!”

“She dropped down like that show Russian Roulette. She got the answer wrong.”

“They were like, ‘Who should we get for the commercial? How bout Betty White?’”


“I remember when I cheered for football, we used to just decide who had the best butt on the team.”

“But, I’m not really an ass girl. Like, I don’t really care about a guy’s butt.”

“Ocho cinco, that’sa mah name-o.”

“I just want the underdog to win, you know what I’m sayin?”

“What does MHK stand for?”

Brittany: “My Head K-ah”

“I’m glad you didn’t make me lay in my bed watching Rocky. Now, I’m drinking wine and getting crunk instead.”

“Why are they showing those people? Why are they showing you? Look at that fat baby, it’s so cute!.”

“I can make it through a whole bottle for this game! Woohooo!”

“See, that’s funny because John Stamos is Greek, so they put him on a Greek yogurt commercial.”

“Nooo you effer! Ok, you got it.”

“I don’t really care about either of these teams, I just want the Giants to win.”

“Yeah, Eli Manning is kind of cute. He doesn’t look like a douche.”

Brittany: ” Cruuuuuuuuuz”

“Do you ever just get the urge to bite something?”

“Tommy Lee looks like an old man.”

“Eli Manning actually kind of looks like a little kid.”


“NBCEE IT. How clever.”

” I just spilled my wine for the Giants.”

“Konichiwa Mothatruckaaas.”

“That was a great game. I don’t know where it went or what happened.”

Me, posing with some football players. 


6 thoughts on “What I Said During the Super Bowl

  1. I also questioned what the hell MHK stands for, but then I remembered I hate Tom Brady and the Patriots, so it was all okay.

    Your entries make me want to hang out with you under the influence of alcohol. JUST STOP IT!

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