2012: The Year I Read Things

12 Books for 2012:

Terrorist – John Updike (3 bucks at Borders!)

The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand (Had to read an excerpt of this for an art history class I took once. I liked it, so I bought it)

Madame Bovary – Gustave Flaubert  (Apparently this novel caused quite a stir after publication – in 1857 – and was deemed highly immoral. Duh, I want to read it)

No Angel – Penny Vincenzi (Scandal! Intrigue! Family drama!)

Then Again – Diane Keaton (I kind of just want to find out what it was like to date Al Pacino)

 Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin (Don’t hate, appreciate)

The Boleyn Inheritance – Philippa Gregory (Did someone say Boleyn? All over it)

Palo Alto – James Franco (Did someone say James Franco? All over it)

Tell-All – Chuck Palahniuk (Another Borders find. Also, I like Palahniuk)

Rhett Butler’s People – Donald McCaig (Mama Scales got this for me. I’m a DIEHARD Rhett Butler fan. Of course I need to read about his people)

She Walks in Beauty  – Siri Mitchell (Another Mama Scales gift. New York City’s Gilded Age? HELLO. Mama Scales knows her daughter)

Not pictured: Naked Lunch – William Burroughs (Remember how I said I was going to read this last year? Well, I didn’t)

Wish me luck!

Also, if you feel so inclined, tell me what you’re reading! Gimme some recs! Yay! Reading!


8 thoughts on “2012: The Year I Read Things

  1. Ahhhh books! I’m rereading the Hunger Games series, and when I’m done with that I’ll move on to Little Bee and The Night Circus. Plus I just got Infinite Jest, which I’ll prob read along with those books since it’s huge. Tell me how that Chuck Palahniuck is, I love him!

  2. Just read your interview on Apocalypstick and thought I’d check out your blog. . . AND OMG I didn’t think I’d ever meet anyone else who would read Rhett Butler’s People. My mom got it for me, too, for Christmas and I’m reading it now. Rhett Butler is the shit. What a coinkidink! (

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