I Need:

  • Adam Scott delivered to my door. (Preferably wearing his Party Down uniform)
  • More than two seasons of Party Down, for that matter.
  • To stop taking three hour naps on Sundays, resulting in me being wide awake at 2 a.m. trying to decide if my bangs are cut evenly or not, resulting in me butchering my bangs, resulting in a horrible work week because my sleep schedule is just SO OFF and I can’t even have good hair while being in a bitchy mood.
  • A hobby.
  • To eat better. I  had a bag of Gold-n-Chees (no ‘e’) crackers for lunch today. BUT, at only 55 cents a pop, I am saving money. So yeah, scratch that need.
  • It to feel like November outside. IT WAS 75 DEGREES TODAY. SEVENTY. FIVE. I need my winter layers. I need the sense of comfort I feel knowing that I can become a human cocoon for a few months. North Carolina weather sux.
  • To be a more positive person.
  • Love. You need love. We all really need love. And for *NSYNC to make a comeback.
  • Adam Scott to be delivered to my door. (This time maybe he can be all bearded and moody like he is in that movie The Vicious Kind. Not that great of a movie, though)
  • To stop obsessing over celebrities.
  • To retract that last need. Who are we kidding, ya know? HAHA LOLZ. For real, though, look at this video of Matthew Gray Gubler being totally adorbz and saying that he likes whiskey and London and I’m all…I like whiskey and London, even though I’ve never been to London but I have a book about London and I want to visit one day! I would totally go brunette for you, Matthew. Lets go to London together.
  • To finally watch Twin Peaks. Everybody’s like…yeah this show is so great. David Lynch is a frickin genius, dawg. Or something or other.
  • To find a way to make some quick cash. I’m not above turning a few tricks for some bills. JUST KIDDING. GAWD.
  • A productive way to spend my time. Meaning, I need to stop wasting my precious hours on tumblr. But I just love tumblr so much. It has so many funny things and pretty things and nice things. It fuels my pop culture fire.
  • A better moisturizer for my face. I put mine on and then five minutes later my face is all tight and dry again. IS MY SKIN TYPE CHANGING AM I GETTING OLD I THINK I SAW A WRINKLE THIS MORNING. But on the real, should I start an anti-aging regimen? I’m serious.
  • To not read articles titled “George Clooney considered suicide after painful Syriana injury.” Why, George? Why? Don’t worry me so. Tell me how you feel, though, I can take it.
  • To stop worrying.
  • Lots of things.

2 thoughts on “I Need:

  1. “Twin Peaks,” season one really is the greatest thing on Earth, but I could live without the hours I lost watching the shit show that season two became…

    P.S. You know the best thing about Tumblr? Adam Scott gifs EVERYWHEREEEEE! (especially if you follow rufustfirefly)

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