Thanks to a broken left speaker in my car, I now have some legit caraoke. No, I’m not just spelling karaoke wrong. Caraoke really is a thing.

Sometimes I’ll be listening to a song and all of a sudden I’m all, “Waittt there’s supposed to be a guitar part right there.” (I don’t know the technical term for the “guitar part” of a song. Is there one? Whatever)

Other times, though, all of the vocals are gone. So it’s like I have my very own karaoke. In my car. How festive!

I can now test my knowledge of a song’s lyrics. Yeah, I thought I knew those words like the back of my hand. I was wrong.

I can also find out that I was sadly mistaken in thinking that I could sing alright sometimes. I now realize that I’m like those people who go on American Idol and say, “Everyone tells me I sound JUST LIKE Toni Braxton!”

And the best part is, I never know what I’m going to get! Maybe that one song by that one band doesn’t change at all. But maybe, if I’m lucky, I can pretend I’m in a karaoke bar (think, the one in My Best Friend’s Wedding) and I’ve had a few drinks and I’m asking if they have  “I’m a Slave 4 U” and can I pleeeez sing it?




2 thoughts on “Caraoke

  1. I STILL think Cameron Diaz sings like that. Oh, and if you want to really feel bad about your singing capabilities, join a drum circle and record it on your camera, but forget that you’re closest to the camera’s speaker so maybe you should lower your voice and not sing so loudly. You’ll feel awesome about your singing capabilities when you upload it to YouTube later.

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