Overheard @ Target

I went to Target yesterday because I needed a bedside table and some of those sticky things you use to hang stuff on your wall. Of course I didn’t go straight to the “hang stuff on your wall” aisle. Instead, I made my way around the entire store. (They sell blue rubber boots in the gardening section. Who knew?!)

Here are some things I overheard:

“Oh look! This purse is only 30 dollars!” – Some girl (talking to her mom)

“That’s ugly.” – Previous girl’s mom

“There’s a difference between feeling complete and being complete.” – Woman (acting as someone’s interim therapist) on cellphone

“I’ve had many a nightmare about the Barbie aisle.” – Employee

(Singing) – Another employee (of the month, I hope)


I never found a table. BUT, I did find a brown belt and removable mounting squares.


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