I just caught myself sitting like this in front of my computer:

And then I thought, What am I doing? This isn’t even comfortable! And this isn’t even amusing! Let me blog about my horrible posture! 

My Tuesday night:

  • Start to watch the Gossip Girl from last night. Why is Serena being such a little bia bia?
  • Decide that I want to eat dinner while I watch. Because I freakin love multitasking, like you don’t even know.
  • Go get food because I don’t feel like eating a turkey sandwich again or boiling pasta. The dolla menu is mah friend.
  • Finish watching GG. Decide I don’t really like any of the characters right now. Why do I still watch this?
  • Walk around my room. What to do? What to do?
  • Stand in front of bathroom mirror and ponder the possibility of trimming my bangs. Decide no, it’s hot outside now, I need to let ’em grow a little. (I’m not going to try to explain my bang logic. Just go with it.)
  • Dive onto bed and stare at ceiling. What to do? What to do?
  • Read? No.
  • Work on lab that’s due tomorrow? HELL NO.
  • Catch up on blog reading? Okay, sure.
  • Watch clips from When Harry Met Sally. I love youtube. And by love I mean adore.
  • Decide I want a new Twitter background. Because that matters, like, SO MUCH, ya know? Go with Jordan Catalano because I just like how he’s always leaning.
  • Check facebook.
  • Catch myself sitting like the above picture.
  • Decide to blog about it.
  • Somehow end up looking at pictures of Bill Pullman, circa when he had a small part in the movie Singles. Oh yeah, I just watched that yesterday. That’s why I googled it.
  • See a picture of him from While You Were Sleeping. Remember that I like that movie.
  • Go back to this blog post and decide to tell you all about what I did on this fine evening.

Now, leave me be whilst I try to find a really crappy version of While You Were Sleeping online.



6 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Your GG logic is what I went through like two months ago, and I haven’t watched it since. When school’s over though, I think I’m going to get back into it so I can get ready for NEW YORK!

    While You Were Sleeping was NOT a very good movie.

    • Lauren, I love While You Were Sleeping! At least…I think I do. Last time I watched it was when I was 13 or so. Yeah, I’ll get back to ya on that.

  2. You do know you get the multitasking gene from your mother. (sorry) oh yea…you didn’t mention talking to your fav girlfrang on the tele!

    • Mom, don’t apologize for giving the multitasking gene. We all know how much can be done by multitasking.

      And talking to you on the tele is a given. By the way, the British call tv the tele. So it’s kind of like I talk to you everyday on tv! Except not. Whatever. I want to be British.

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