More quotes from my dentist.

I went to the dentist the other day for a cleaning.

So naturally, I have some really great, uplifting quotations for yous guys.

“If I could see at least one redhead a day, I’d be a happy man.”

Him : “Did you do something different to your hair to make it so shiny?”

Me: “Not really, I use conditioner everyday, hah”

Him: “That must be some good conditioner.”

“It’s probably that you’re getting into your early 20s. You’re in your physical prime right now.”

“You have some of the biggest pulp stones I’ve ever seen.”

I just don’t have the heart to tell him that I don’t come by this hair color (which isn’t really all that red) naturally.


2 thoughts on “More quotes from my dentist.

  1. biggest pulp stones? i don’t know what those are but i’m thinking maybe he didn’t really mean pulp stones. hahaha

    bottom line, your dentist is creeps me out.

    • oh no, he meant pulp stones. showed me on my x-rays and everything. they’re these spots in the middle of your teeth. so, not only do i have a highly evolved mouth, but my pulp stones are larger than average. GO ME.

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