Clueless and Feminist Bible Commentary

My brain is always in pop culture mode, I swear. Somehow I’m able to relate almost anything to a pop culture classic.

Case in point:

I’m taking a Women & Religion class. Today we were talking about Paul and his letters and all that jazz. Well, apparently Paul only mentions women sporadically throughout these letters. (WOAH CALM THAT FEMINIST RAGE DOWN, LADIES)

Anyway. The word ‘sporadically’ made me think of the movie Clueless. Because of the part where Cher (Alicia Silverstone) is teaching Tai (Brittany Murphy) how to speak all proper and shiz. Well, one of Tai’s new words is ‘sporadically.’

Skip to Tai meeting Cher’s ex-stepbrother, Josh, played by the lovely PAUL Rudd. And then he says “Bye, see ya around” (or something) to her and she says “I hope not sporadically!” Har har har.

Bible Paul –> Sporadically –> Tai from Clueless –> PAUL Rudd

Full circle of Pauls y’all.

This is when he sees Cher come down the stairs in this skimpy little white dress (a glorified slip) to head out on a date with Christian.

I’m crazy. But at least I learned SOMETHING. Namely, how to always be exercising my brain. Whatever. I’m gonna go watch this now.


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