Friday Night

Nothing to do on a Friday night?

Here’s what you do:

– Pick up a bottle of $3.99 sweet red from your local Food Lion. It’s no Barefoot, but you know what? You don’t have the money to fork over two or three more dollars. You are cheap.

– Now, you have one of two options:

1. Make this a happy “Drink wine and watch Four Christmases even though it isn’t Christmas, but you just love Vince Vaughn in that even though he plays the same character in every movie he’s in” night.  (The same goes for any Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson movie, for that matter; Sometimes you can even get a COMBINATION of these men. It’s great)

2. Make this a sad “Drink wine and watch Casper and CRY YOUR EYES OUT when Christina Ricci’s mom comes down from the heavens and talks to Bill Pullman about what a great job he’s doing raising Christina and then be like, woah when did Bill Pullman get so hot? And then the clock strikes midnight and Casper has to turn back into a ghost and you’re all Nooooo Whyyyy????” night.

As for me, I’m switching things up a bit by adding some Decadent Milk Chocolate Chunk Brownies into the mix and catching up on Californication.

Live and Love.


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