All of my nightmares have now been realized.

“Unleash its fury”? That makes me want to barricade myself in my bathroom for the rest of my life (which could potentially be only a few more days). Actually, not my bathroom since it’s upstairs. The downstairs half-bath will just have to do. Quick! I need milk! And eggs! And a couple of those gallon jugs of water!

But it’s not 2012! Those Mayans need to get their shit together. I thought I had at least another year to accomplish…things.

Everyone, it’s been real. I love you all. See ya in the afterlife*.

But wait, let’s look at a positive here. Maybe Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal will make an appearance?


*I fully expect anyone who reads this to post a comment saying why I am the most awesome person you have ever had the chance to meet. If you don’t do this, I will totally shun you at all afterlife functions.


9 thoughts on “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIEEEE

  1. you are the most awesome person I have ever had the chance to me.
    hey I don’t want to be shunned from the bloglist in the afterlife.

  2. i think you’re absolutely insane. INSANE. you call 71 degree weather tomorrow AWFUL? you think that’s going to kill us? you’re psycho. and don’t worry, i don’t WANT to be invited to any of your “afterlife functions.” i can’t believe you’re my roommate. psssssh.

    • and i think you underestimate weather.com. and it’s february! it ain’t supposed to be 71! i smell an apocalypse. you’re not invited to my afterparty.

      oh, and i’m moving out.

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