Notes from the Roomie

My roommate Brittany left me some notes the other day:

I’m one of those people that goes on IMDb and reads lists of the ‘Sexiest Movies of the Century’ or ‘Top Movies of Forever and Ever Amen’ and then makes lists of which ones I want to see. (Yes that says Bull Durham. WHAT? I love me some Kevin Costner!) But it’s looking like I won’t watch these because Brittany said not to. I do everything she says. She is my idol.

In case you can’t read it:

I am bored.

I want to meet some cute boys please.


“Oh hey boys!”

When Brittany is bored she wants to meet boys. Because they are not boring. When she steps up in da club she yells, “OH HEY BOYZZ!” And they flock to her. I wish I was like her. She is THE BOMB. She is also my idol.

*What are patoties? Little toddler tater tots?

She also believes in world peace. And peace signs with squiggle marks through them. And smiles. I wish I believed in world peace like she does. She is my idol.


3 thoughts on “Notes from the Roomie

  1. so first off, i spelled patoOtie wrong. whopps.

    but to answer your question…

    cutie patootie
    someone or something so cute that the word cute itself has to morph into something cuter, thus cutie patootie was born

    urban dictionary knows whats up. this weekend i’m gonna meet me some cutie patootie!

    • i knew you meant patootie. i was making fun of how you spelled it wrong. 🙂
      but don’t you think paTOTies could be a cute name for baby tater tots? “Little Emma just loves those patoties! They’re the perfect size for her baby mouth! It sure beats having to cut grown-up tater tots in half for her. Crispy on all sides! “

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