Things I Don’t Like That Everyone Else Loves*

*And by “loves” I mean goes batshit crazy over. And by “don’t like” I mean do not go batshit crazy over.

1. Jersey Shore (Side note: I really almost typed “Jersey Whore.” By accident, I swear)

“Giant Squid Attacks Jersey Shore!”  is the Discovery Channel’s take on the whole Jersey phenomena. Nah, not really. A girl can dream, though.

2. John Mayer

Alright, I’ve seen this guy live. He’s good, but he ain’t no Clapton, y’all.

3. Dogs

It’s not that I hate dogs. I’m just kind of neutral about them. I see a dog and I’m all, “Oh look, there’s a dog. I hope it doesn’t jump on me.” Unlike some who see a dog and they’re all, “A;DLFJADSKJF DOGGIE YOU SO CUTE YOU SWEET LITTLE BALL OF FUR I WANNA TAKE YOU HOME AND LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER LICK MY FACE.”

4. Sports (Not to be confused with athletes)

I know this is super broad. Basically, I don’t enjoy playing or watching sports. I do, however, enjoy the tailgating process. (You think I’m un-American? SUE ME)

5. Talking on the phone (Except to my Mama, whom I talk to every single day. If I don’t, I rock back and forth in the corner of my room for hours on end)

I never answer my phone. I am a HUGE screener. If you don’t leave me a voicemail then I deem your phone call unimportant and don’t return it. I’m such a jerk. I love you.

Oh, who am I to judge what anyone else likes and loves? While writing this post I was listening to Time Life’s Singers and Songwriters Collection.


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