Viva La Resolutions!

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions.

Besides the usual “Eat healthier.” PSHT. After a week of nothing but salad, I’m screaming like a banshee trying to get my greedy paws on some french fries.

2011 is different. I’m making some resolutions. (That don’t include eat healthier. I’m not trying to set myself up to fail)

And I’m gonna stick to ’em.

Here’s what I want to accomplish:

1. Floss daily.

I’ve talked about how my dentist says creepy things to me about my hair (and mouth). I don’t want any more reasons to go see this man.

2. Run a 5k.

The last time I ran was in high school. I’m serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if my legs don’t remember how to move in that way. BUT I’M DOING THIS. Better believe it. (And I have a roommate, Mama, and Aunt to hold me accountable)

3. Cook with my Xpress Redi Set Go all the time. Hell, every day if I wanna.

I got this rocking awesome cooking device for Christmas. My Mom and I have watched the informercial for this thing at least ten times. No joke. It can make pizza, steak, chicken, pork, brownies, mini cinnamon roll thingys, you name it! Best gift ever. Ever.

4. Write in my journal every night.

Maybe not every night. That’d be boring as hell. My life isn’t THAT interesting. This is mostly fun when I write in it after a night out and then read it the next morning. Let me quote an entry from a couple months ago:

“I think I’ll just watch TV. Fine? OK. Happy Night! OK? Alright.”

5. Finally read the (approx. 15 or so) books on my shelf that I haven’t read yet. Yeah, that many. I’m a book-buying machine. (And don’t buy any more books until I’ve read these!) One in particular, though:

Okay. I’ve been trying to read this book for about five years. Although, why I was buying this book at 16 is beyond me. Shouldn’t I have been reading Judy Blume or something? This book just isn’t really appropriate for an 11th grader. Whatever. I’M READING FINISHING THIS BOOK THIS YEAR.


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