Facebook Ads:

They know what you want:

How could they have guessed that I wanted to buy my animal-lovin’ roommate an embroidered pillow? Hey Britt, if I give you a pillow with Fanny’s face gracing the front, can we get rid of the real Fanny? No fuss no muss, just sweet cuddly love that doesn’t breathe on you or scratch you or make the place smell like a pet shop.


They know what you need:

They know that it’s the end of the semester and I have all the money in the world to spend on overpriced notebooks, hoodies, and booty shorts with “State Girl” written on the butt!

They even know WHO YOU ARE:

I have allure because I read Allure magazine. I am mysterious because I love a good mystery novel. I am very passionately minded about things such as chocolate, Edward Norton, and cleaning supplies. I am the queen of mischief since I sneak candy into the movies ALL THE TIME, y’all. I tend to keep my sense of humor a secret (because I’m a woman of mystery, remember?) so when I meet someone new I am virtually mute. I am undeniably sensual in that I sometimes wear tighter clothing than other times.


2 thoughts on “facebookfacebookfacebook

  1. My dearest daughter, how you delight me with your witty banter!! You see, I read these, but I know the REAL you. I will use these adjectives: smart, funny, curious, cautious, lovable, huggable, caring, gracious, and VERY beautiful, inside and out!! Oh yea, almost forgot the most important one, your AWESOME taste in MUSIC!!

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