Questioning My Sanity…Again.

So a while back I was questioning my sanity. Remember? I was drawing pictures of desserts and a cat head talking about how it doesn’t think like humans. No? Not ringing any bells? (Well, here’s a refresher)

Yet again I find myself on the brink of a meltdown. End of semester stress. Drowning my loneliness with massive amounts of mallow cups and chocolate covered peanuts. Illegally downloading random movies and music.

Something I did today to warrant some worry was send a facebook message to my roommate during class. (Oddly enough, it was the same class where I drew pictures of cupcakes and ice cream before). She’s used to my ramblings, so I’m sure she didn’t bat an eyelash after reading this.

So here you are, a glimpse into the inner workings of my mind:

I swear I was sober as a judge when I wrote this. It was 11:56 a.m.! I’m high on life, y’all!

Sorry Mom for the alcohol reference. I’m talking about wine, so it’s fiiiiine, right? Also sorry for talking about freaking in a jeep.


That one time Jeff Goldblum tweeted me (well…sort of)

Back in August, it was Shark Week.

I decided to poke a little fun at it by saying that it was my Jeff Goldblum week.

I tweeted it.

I should clarify this because I was actually watching The Last World: Jurassic Park, but I digress.

Hours later, my phone buzzes. Someone has @HillaryScales’d me! But who could it be?

None other than @jeffhisself!

And those were a glorious 7 days, Jeffie Boy.

So what if this wasn’t the real Jeff Goldblum? So what if for a split second I thought it was and went into hysterics? Can’t a girl dream, people!!!!???

How I make good grades.

I had this assignment due the other day where I was supposed to conduct an “intensive interview” with someone for 15-20 minutes. Well, I forgot about it, so I sort of interviewed myself.

Today, I got my grade back:

That’s right. 100 bebe! Beat the system!

See that there? My interview subject has a great sense of humor. My interview subject was ME.


Have you checked your spam lately?

Decided to look through my spam e-mails yesterday.

Hey spammers, for future reference, I am a straight woman. I have no reason to “make that your girl was happy.”

Now, I’m off to spend the night celebrating a big Wolfpack win today. With $11 in my bank account. Fellas, I’m talking to you, you handsome devils who will (hopefully) buy my beverages. In return, I’ll forward you guys these penis enlargement deals. It’s a win-win, am I right?