Make like Usher, Make a Confession.

Deep breath. Confession time. Actually it’s not even a confession, really. More like a “Hey, here’s something that you don’t know about me that I feel the burning need to tell you because I haven’t blogged in awhile” kind of thing. Ya know, because you care.

Anyway,  I FREAKIN LOVE WEDGWOOD CHINA. I want to shout it from the mountaintops I love it so much. The other day I spent, like, two whole hours on their site. Just looking at all the dinner plates, flatware, decanters, and highball glasses. Visions of domesticated bliss dancing through my head.

I can see it now: Me and my husband Biff sitting by the fire, our cocker spaniel Toto at our feet, sharing a nice glass of well-aged scotch. Discussing how well little Emily is doing with her piano and how Biff Jr. (we just call him Jr., usually) is shaping up to be quite the lacrosse player.




2 thoughts on “Make like Usher, Make a Confession.

  1. a. I agree with your ending statement, crappy confession. Geez I wanted something juicy.
    b. I don’t even know what that’s a picture of?
    c. I feel ungirly and I’m going to make a horrible house wife b/c plates and china and etc all look the same to me.
    d. Since when did you decide that you were going to have a country club life style? Biff? Lacrosse? Aged Scotch? A cocker spaniel? A few hours of work and I already don’t know you….

    This whole comment was filled with hate. I’m sorry.

    b. Britt, that is clearly a glass. A Vera Wang Duchesse tumbler, to be exact.
    c. No worries, I got this on lock.
    d. I didn’t decide that. I was making fun of that life. Except for the well-aged scotch, that is.

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