Adventures in Babysitting

In order to bring home the bacon this summer, I have taken on the task of babysitting two youngsters all day (9-5) everyday (except weekends). The boy is 9 (Owen) and his younger sister (Olivia) is 7. And let me tell ya, these two are a handful. They have perfected the art of being sneaky, yet insanely lovable at the same time. You can be so angry with them for something (clean up your lunchables wrappers, damn it!)  but then you look into their sweet brown eyes and totally lose your resolve.

The other day these two found a spot where a bunch of tiny little ants were getting into the house. [I would like to note that this was the point in the day where I could care less what they were doing and was mostly focused on reading my book (which is Jane Eyre by the way – LOVE the Bronte gals). I’m not a bad child watcher, I swear. Can’t a girl take a break from the madness?! ]

Anyway. All I knew was that they found some ants. And then I heard the vacuum cleaner going at full blast. Whatevvvs.

Well, the next day when I was cleaning up their living room I found this:

It says: Ants come on to this card and I will free you and give you food!

I know you’re thinking, Aw shucks! What kind and compassionate little children! Little do you know that they were attempting to lure the ants onto this card with promises of food and freedom only to suck the little things into sweet oblivion with the vacuum cleaner.

Let’s just say I’m glad it’s the weekend.